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Much like leaves, landscape jobs can really pile up, especially in between seasons. Our team of trained landscape technicians and horticulturists can arrive at the turn of every season to tend to your lawn and landscape! We will care for plants, maintain landscape lighting and keep pathways and gathering places free of debris. Seasonal cleanup service is available for both residential and commercial properties.


Start the growing season off right with our spring cleanup service. Includes:


When the heat is on, we’ll be there to protect your lawn and landscape! Includes:


When cooler winds start to blow, we’ll be there to help you prepare for winter. Includes:


There’s still plenty to do when snow is on the ground. Includes:


In the Spring, plants are emerging from dormancy, and may be carrying a lot of dead weight from last year. Pruning shrubs and trees of dead branches, and trimming perennial plants encourages new growth. Applying fresh mulch around your plants and shrubs improves water retention as the days get longer and hotter, and also helps with weed control.

In the Summer, some plants have already finished their season, while others are just getting started! We will clear those that are spent for the season, while introducing fresh fertilizer and compost to landscape beds. This round of pruning and trimming encourages consistent growth through the season, keeping roses and other blossoms coming again and again!

In the Fall, it’s time to wind things down and think ahead to snowier times. Keeping fallen leaves in check is top of the list, to prevent them from forming a mat over your lawn during the winter, killing the grass underneath. Certain plants, shrubs and trees need to be wrapped with burlap to protect them from below freezing temperatures.

In the Winter, it’s crucial to protect walkways and driveways from salt damage, which can wear holes in concrete and untreated asphalt. Trees and shrubs may also need pruning to remove low-hanging or broken limbs that could pose a risk to houses and cars. Landscape lighting can really take a beating at this time of year from snow, ice and salt.