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SoilFIT™ is our newest lawn and plant fertilizer program that promises the results you want with a fraction of the chemical fertilizers, pesticides and water! This hybrid-organic multi-step treatment strengthens root systems by supercharging the soil with beneficial fungi, diverse microorganisms and vital nutrition derived from natural sources such as yucca, kelp and molasses. This diet makes for more resilient grass, trees and shrubs that can better withstand pests, diseases, drought and sudden weather changes! Powered by Holganix, SoilFIT™ can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and even water by as much as 75%!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Regan Landscape has developed SoilFIT™, powered by Holganix, a leading maker of premium soil enrichment products. 

It’s an organic-based hybrid program, sort of like a hybrid-electric car: it helps to diminish your environmental impact, and save you money in the long run! Using this bionutritional blend to condition the soil will allow you to use fewer chemicals and less water over time on your plants, trees, shrubs and grass.

It’s never too late to enrich your soil, but the earlier the better. The sooner we can apply SoilFIT™, the more we can maximize the benefits you’ll see throughout the season! 

The SoilFIT program for your lawn is a five application treatment starting in late March or early April. We highly recommend following the program as intended and if so, you should see tangible results after just the second application. 

We haven’t forgotten them! Once or twice a season, as an additional service, we drench trees and shrubs with an all natural, 100% chemical-free product to protect them from disease and keep them flourishing!  

By encouraging plants to build thicker, stronger root systems, SoilFIT™ enables them to gradually crowd out weeds on their own!

Additional Regan Landscape services that workhand-in-hand with SoilFIT™:

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Pelletized Composting

NOTE: Regan Landscape minimizes the use of insecticides and fungicides, and we will only apply these if our trained technicians identify a pest or fungal issue.

New customers can save up to $250 when you enroll in our yearly program today! The savings is based on the size of your property; the bigger square footage of your lawn the more you save! 


What is SoilFIT™?

The Holganix family of premium, organic-based enrichment products is formulated to cultivate stronger plants that last longer with a fraction of the chemicals and pesticides! SoilFIT™ contains:


beneficial fungi that form symbiotic relationships with roots, helping them to take up more water and nutrients from the soil


a diverse blend of microbes that help to stimulate a thriving ecosystem underground


food for your plants, from natural sources such as kelp, yucca and molasses

Why SoilFIT™?

Look out your window to a cleaner green, a lawn that’s more environmentally safe for kids and pets!